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Blase is the name used by filmmaker and editor Bruno Lasevicius for his more experimental work on animation and music, abstract narratives, and the relationship between sound and moving images. In search of a space where digital and analog meet, Blase looks up to language as a bridge that allows both humans and computer systems to develop and understand each other.

布莱斯(Blase)是导演兼剪辑师布鲁诺·拉塞维丘斯(Bruno Lasevicius)的艺名,代表着他在动画与音乐、抽象叙事以及声音与动态影像之间的关系方面更具实验性的作品。为了寻找数字和模拟的交汇点,布莱斯将语言视为人类和计算机系统发展和相互理解的桥梁。

And then, morning


And then, morning
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