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Gabriel Allard Gagnon

After having directed more than forty music videos, director Gabriel Allard Gagnon made his debut in documentary. In 2017, he directed T’es où Youssef ?, his first feature-length documentary, In 2018, his film La Bombe explores the emergence of new Quebec nationalist movements. At the other end of the spectrum, the following year, he signed Apprenti-Autiste with comedian Louis T., a documentary mixing up with stand-up comedy. It was during one of his documentary projects in the Canadian Far North that the director was overwhelmed by his encounter with the Inuit people. Upon his return, he began the development of Sikiitu, his first work of fiction.

Gabriel Allard Gagnon在执导了40多部音乐短片之后,首次执导了纪录片。2017年, 他执导了首部纪录长片《T’es où Youssef ?》。2018年,他的电影《La Bombe》 对新魁北克民族主义运动进行了探究。此外,2019年,他签下了喜剧演员Louis T.出 演《Apprenti-Autiste》,这是一部融合了单口喜剧元素的纪录片。当他在加拿大 极北地区拍摄一部纪录片时,这位导演结识了许多因纽特人,并且受到了极大触动, 于是在他归国后,他开始创作他的第一部剧情片《Sikiitu》。 (常瑞)



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