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Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin

Gabrielle HB is a sound artist working between the unceded territories of Nitaskinan and Tiohtià:ke, Qc. She uses voice, words, synthesisers and field recording to generate works, oscillating between free improvisation and slow composition. Through her projects and daily life - and the boundaries are vague - she searches for ways to access more subtlety, care and slowness. She studied Digital Music at the University of Montreal and holds a master degree in Sound Arts from the London College of Communications. She is half of Le désert mauve (Charline Dally), an audiovisual duo playing soft synthesis, and half of Jardin (Florence Garneau), a new music ensemble playing ambient minimalist music guided by textscores. Her album Playing the Daily Scores was presented during the Suoni per il Popolo festival (2020). She is currently conducting a research creation around the weight of silence and painful memories, in a participative approach.

Gabrielle HB,声音艺术家。她利用声音、文字、合成器和现场录音实现创作,其创作兼顾自由即兴创作和慢调创作。她的作品与日常生活的界限比较模糊,她借此寻找方法来获得更多的奥秘、关怀和慢节奏。她曾在蒙特利尔大学学习数字音乐,并拥有伦敦传媒学院的声音艺术硕士学位。她目前正参与研究围绕沉默的重量和痛苦的记忆话题的创作。 (Yuchen Lu)

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