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Kalani Gacon

Kalani Gacon is a filmmaker from the beautiful small, misty town of Katoomba, Australia who tells the stories of disappearing ways of life, people’s dreams, and the frictions of life facing human beings in the changing world. He has worked across 4 continents in search of stories that touch the heart. In 2020, he wrote/directed/co-produced ‘Sapana ko Awaz’ (The Sound of Dreaming), a short film about lucid dreaming, set in Nepal, which has played across multiple oscar qualifying film festivals: Melbourne International Film Festival, La-Shorts, Busan International Short Film Festival, and winning the Jury Special Mention Award at the prestigious Oldenberg International Film Festival. Back in his hometown in 2022, Kalani established ‘Mountain of Youth’, a filmmaking mentorship program for youth-at-risk, using storytelling and the filmmaking experience to bring change to the lives of young people. His new production ‘Soles’ (2022) is the product of this mentorship program.

卡拉尼·加孔(Kalani Gacon)是来自澳大利亚卡通巴的导演,他的作品讲述了日渐消失的生活方式、人们的梦想以及在变化中的世界中面对的生活摩擦的故事。 他曾在四大洲工作,寻找触动人心的故事。 2020年,他编剧、导演、制片了《The Sound of Dreaming》。这一部关于清醒梦的短片,故事发生在尼泊尔,该片在多个奥斯卡资格认定的电影节上播放,包括墨尔本国际电影节、洛杉矶短片电影节、釜山国际短片电影节,并在著名的奥登堡国际电影节上获得了评审特别提及奖。2022年,卡尼拉回到家乡,并创建了“Mountain of Youth”,这是一个为问题青少年提供电影制作导师指导的项目,通过讲故事和电影制作经验来改变年轻人的生活。他的新作品《Soles》(2022)是这个导师计划的产物。



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