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Petr Grudov

Petr Grudov is a writer and contemporary dancer born in Burgas, Bulgaria. He is a co-founder of the online journal Boyscout where he covered art and culture until he discovered dance and turned his focus to creative endeavours. "X" is his directorial debut made in collaboration with experimental Bulgarian visual artist Zlatimir Arakliev.

Petr Grudov是一名作家和当代舞蹈家,出生于保加利亚的布尔加斯。他是在线杂志《Boyscout》的共同创始人,该杂志聚焦艺术和文化领域,直到他发现了舞蹈并将他的注意力转向了创作。《X》是他的导演处女作,与保加利亚实验性视觉艺术家Zlatimir Arakliev合作拍摄。



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