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Wisnu Dewa Broto

Wisnu Dewa Broto (1995) is a Design graduate in Multimedia Nusantara University. He is currently a Cinematographer, Director, Director of Photography and Editor. In 2014, Wisnu and his friends tried to establish a production house called Thesign Production and interested in the creative video making. His films include Wong Tjilik (2015), Mata Elang (2016) and Doeri Soekma (2016).

Wisnu Dewa Broto,出生于1995年,毕业于努桑塔拉多媒体大学的设计专业。他现在兼任摄影师、导演、摄影指导和剪辑师的工作。2014年,Wisnu和他的朋友创立了名为Thesign Production的制作公司,致力于创意视频的制作。

Forrest Now


Forrest Now
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