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Yuri Muraoka

Yuri Muraoka was born in Tokyo in 1981.Dropped out of the high school attached to Japan Women's University, graduated the 26th class of Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image.Continues to create moving images and photographic works of "self-portraiture".All of her works are self-created and self-performed.Her major works are Schizophrenia (2016), Transparent, the world is. (2019) and so on. Her latest film Transparent, I am. (2020) won the Grand Prix at the 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. She’s been working on poetry since 2018.A mother of two daughters.

村冈由梨(Yuri Muraoka)生于1981年,东京人。她曾辍学于日本女子大学附属高中,后毕业于日本映画大学第26届。她持续以“自拍”为主题,进行影像和摄影作品的创作,所有作品均为自创和自演。她的主要作品包括《Schizophrenia》(2016)、《Transparent, the world is》(2019)等。她的最新电影《Transparent, I am》(2020)荣获第67届奥伯豪森国际短片电影节大奖。自2018年以来,她一直致力于诗歌创作。同时,她也是两个女儿的母亲。

The Eyeball Person


The Eyeball Person
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