After Reality


我想《现实之后》是开始于一种感觉,人们在郊外,城镇之间大片荒废区域种植蔬菜和树苗, 混杂在野草灌木之间,在城际高架桥之下,疯狂生长的藤蔓铺天盖地的将树枝废墙乃至大地 紧紧包裹,一群龙舟选手在几乎被整片植被覆盖的小河中每天开始它们的体能训练。而我们 在等待那些潜伏的,难以察觉的,奇异的时间征兆的同时,偶尔的即兴动作表演也随之嵌入 和混合在龙舟选手们的身体训练中。从广州至巴黎,我们将再次投入难以预料的另一番遭遇。

I think that After Reality actually started from a feeling. A feeling for the suburbs, or let’s say for areas in between cities, where people plant trees and vegetables, for abandoned places. The luxuriant subtropical vegetation, intertwined with paths and viaducts, left out some zones where nobody lives. Even if they grow between cities, these plants are wild as there is no-one who takes care of them. They are just growing wildly under the bridge in a crazy way. We found some Dragon Boat rowers who came here everyday for training. We wait long for the imperceptible and occult signs, and sometimes we did some impromptu performances which were inserted and mixed into rowers’ body training. From Guangzhou to Paris, we continued to throw ourself into totally different situation.

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Zhou Tao


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