Jeanne Mayer

Asian Premiere 亚洲首映



18岁的Alexis Phon从未离开过他成长的郊区“这里”。在一个受到监督的世界中,百无聊赖让少年的心麻木。然而崭新的视野出现:“那里”。 多亏了同样愤怒的Aïssatou,Alexis才攒足了勇气离开。 但爱与自由却总要付出代价……这是一部一部未来主义色彩的青少年电影,酸甜如糖,像是自动押韵的说唱punchline……

Alexis Phon, 18, never left "Here", the suburbian area he grew up in. A world under supervision, where boredom nums the hearts of the youth. Yet, a new horizon exists: it's "There". Thanks to Aïssatou, who shares the same anger, Alexis will gather enough courage to leave. But here, love and freedom come at a certain price... A futuristic teen movie, sweet and sour like an autotuned rap punchline…

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Jeanne Mayer

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