Agnieszka Chmura

Border Crossing


以1989年夏季为时间背景的惊悚片,影片灵感来自导演童年时代越过边界的记忆——不仅是国界,更是在本能驱使的自然界与不可理解的成人世界之间的边界。 影片紧紧跟随小女孩,从嗡嗡作响的蜜蜂到父母之间加剧的紧张局势,再到队列齐整的边防人员步伐。气氛愈加紧张,小女孩能融化边警冷酷的心吗?

A thriller based in the summer of 1989, the final year of communism in Eastern Europe, inspired by a childhood memory of crossing the border - not only between countries, but between the instinctive world of nature and the incomprehensible world of the adults.
The story follows paths dictated by the little girl's attention going from the bees buzzing around, to the rising tension between her parents, to the frightening border guard pacing along the queue.
As the heat rises and the atmosphere thickens, can the little girl melt the border guard's icy heart?

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Agnieszka Chmura

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