Emmanuel Marre

Castle to Castle


2017年春,法国总统大选期间。皮埃尔,现年25岁,获得一所著名巴黎学校的奖学金,与75岁的弗朗辛住在一起,她因残疾只能坐在轮椅上。他们既困惑又迷失方向,目睹了正在进行的选举。 即使两人的政治见解和社会背景完全相反,但他们仍然互相信任。 在等待民意调查结果时,皮埃尔试图照顾弗朗辛的身体状况,而弗朗辛试图平息皮埃尔的精神怨恨。

Spring 2017, during the French presidential election. Pierre, 25 years old and on a scholarship for a prestigious Parisian School, is housed by Francine, who is 75, disabled and confined to her wheelchair. Both puzzled and disoriented, they witness the electoral fair that's playing out. Their political opinions and social backgrounds are opposite but they still confide in each other. While waiting for the polls verdict, Pierre tries to look after Francine's body while Francine tries to heal Pierre's resentment.

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Emmanuel Marre

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