Tom Bessoir

Digits of Pi


一部受到杜尚《贫血的电影》影响的超验电影,导演试图用一个圆形的画面来构图整部作品。圆形构图直接让圆周率的数字参与到了画面构图之中。让圆周率的数字随着音轨哼唱,是对Philip Glass《海滩上的爱因斯坦》的一次致敬。

A transcendental film inspired by Duchamp's “Anemic Cinema”!
Inspired by “Anemic Cinema,” I set out to create a film composed within a circular frame. This circular composition led directly to using the number pi for the underlying structure.
Having the digits of pi sung on the soundtrack is an homage to “Einstein on the Beach” by Philip Glass.

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Tom Bessoir

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