Irene Gutiérrez

Asian Premiere 亚洲首映

Exile Diaries


Spanish, French, Russian
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“Today, being captive and disarmed the Red Army, the national troops have reached their last military objectives. The war is over.” And so, eighty years ago, the Spanish exile officially started, although the massive departure of Basques, Asturians, Cantabrians had already begun with the fall of the Northern Front. It is estimated that more than half a million people left the country after the Spanish Civil War. Some were able to return, others never did. ‘Exile Diaries’ looks to the small gestures, games and celebrations found in the domestic films shot by those exiles around the world, but it also addresses the absences, failures and imbalances crystallized in their family reels during the historical period that goes from 1937 to 1977.

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Irene Gutiérrez