Senem Göcmen


Flat Desires


“ 对我而言16 毫米胶片的意义在于,其他形式下出现散落于生活中和网络上迥异的元素,在这中介质中达到了美学上的统一,同时并不与其本源相斥。流行文化的世界几乎从不严肃认真,但它对我们理解世界的方式却产生了深刻的烙印,因此成为了一个充满趣味的空间。”

For me the 16mm look was a way to make the otherwise
disparate elements I found online and in real life equal
in one aesthetic without denying its origin. The (pop
cultural) world is seldom serious, but the grasp it has on
our perception of the world is undeniable and makes it an
uncanny space

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