Yosep Anggi Noen



通过四个视觉片段,我们被带入了一个看似充满着不连贯电路的大厅:从夜晚戏剧性和令人毛骨悚然的画面,到白天光亮的逐渐出现。我们把它看作是一种有着密集对比的线性区域的碎片化创作下的一个完整片段。“现实主义”的想象方式和方法糅合了现实与幻想交界的瞬间。 在夜晚,“现实主义”的图像在紧张的气氛中呈现,在白天,视觉图像反而却更富幻想力,这是令人惊讶的。而每个片段都是由大脑的内部诠释构建的,包括视觉对壮丽的沙漠景观和辽阔海洋的反应。

Through four visual fragments, we were brought into the hall a sequential circuit that seems disjointed: from the dramatic and thrilling events in the night, then to the light of day. We see it as a whole piece of fragment creation of the line of a geographic realm in contrast thick. The imaginative way and approach of ‘realist’ blended the moment between reality and fantasy. On the evening, ‘realist’ images present within tense mood. During the day, it is amazing that visual images is more fantasized. Each fragment is built with cerebral interpretation, include the beautiful landscape of desert and a vast expanse of ocean.

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Yosep Anggi Noen

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