Niu Niu

God Bless You


初入社会的小河南,本想进行一场恋爱却因工误伤下体。 网管猴子是个惯犯,对工作很不上心,因和老板的矛盾而丢掉工作。 印刷厂老板偷情被情人威胁,又遭小河南数次索要赔款,工厂面临破产。 四个人物,殊途同归,上帝会保佑谁?

Xiao Henan, who first entered the society, wanted to have a love but was injured by work. The webmaster monkey is a recidivist who is very uncomfortable with the work and loses his job because of the contradiction with the boss. The printing house owner was threatened by the lover, and was asked by Xiaohe several times for compensation, and the factory was facing bankruptcy. Four characters, the same way, who will God bless?

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Niu Niu


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