Paul Heinz



画面上镜头沿着住宅区、空旷的街道、朴素的外墙,缓慢地移动着。声音上旁白讲述着有关第一次、欲望、点火的头晕、健忘、停电的话语。大火? Paul Heintz将为我们梳理它。在哪里? 在任何家庭中,都有一套道具:一个不起眼的沙发,一张桌子等。故事与家庭生活的观念混在一起,从家庭到壁炉,我们由此理解另一种形式的引燃。

At first a slow movement along residential spaces, empty streets, plain facades, as though artificial. The sound is made up of a voice-over relating the first time, desire, dizziness of the ignition, forgetfulness, blackout. A blaze? Paul Heintz will organise it for us. Where? In any household, with a set of props: a humble couch, a table, etc. Mixing stories with the idea of domesticity, here we understand that this is about another kind of ignition. From household to hearth.

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Paul Heinz

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