Ben Rivers

Chinese Mainland Premiere 中国大陆首映

Look Then Below


Ben Rivers的作品的电影研究超世俗的存在,寻找日常循例之外的地点和故事。《视线向下》拍摄于萨默塞特郡,转变为油污海面上色彩斑斓,笼罩在雾中的岛屿,岛上的岩洞沐浴在地下的柔光之中。在那里,时间似乎静止了。在《慢动作》和《厄斯》之后,这是他与美国科幻作家Mark von Schlegell合作的三部曲中的最后一部。

Ben Rivers' films study the otherworldly, looking for places and stories outside the daily conventions of reality. Look Then Below was filmed in a Somerset transformed into a coloured, mist-enveloped island in an oily ocean with a cave basking in a subterranean glow. Time seems to stand still there. After Slow Action and Urth, this is the final part of a trilogy developed with American SF author Mark von Schlegell.

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Ben Rivers


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