Bruce Conner

Looking For Mushrooms


《寻找蘑菇》是一部色彩绚烂的迷幻电影。影片展现了墨西哥自然和乡村风景,同时穿插了一些带有宗教色彩的影像。其中大部分片段是导演康纳在山间漫步寻找迷幻药或神奇蘑菇期间拍摄的。有时候传奇的心理学家Timothy Leary也加入拍摄,偶尔出现在影片中。

It is a psychedelic, meditative travelogue through rural Mexico, featuring sumptuously colorful images of the natural world, villages, and religious iconography. Most of the footage was shot while the Conners roamed the hillsides seeking psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, sometimes joined by psychologist Timothy Leary, who appears briefly in the film.

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