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Pathompon Mont Tesprateep






Chinese Mainland Premiere

Pleng-Krom-Dek (Lullaby) consists of four new renditions of traditional Chehe dialect lullaby tunes. Mostly written by the locals, the traditional lyrics often reflect their ways of life, doctrines, and unique mixture of languages. In Pleng-Krom-Dek, Mont collaborates with a Thai Buddhist and a retired teacher Siriporn Thongchinda, who also works as a youth-rehabilitation social worker and a conservator of Chehe dialect, in rewriting the lyrics focusing on her attitude towards the current religious and cultural disharmony. Pleng-Krom-Dek is an attempt to blur the border between local lullaby and its implicit disguise as ideological hypnotism.
Pleng-Krom-Dek (Lullaby) is the first part from an ongoing film project (2019-present) which is based on Mont's research in the midst of obscured information and incidents concerning the subnational conflict in the Deep South, Thailand. The research investigates the conflict through storytelling apparatuses from cultural materials including related literature, traditional and contemporary music, ghost radio show, and ritualistic performance. Taken from various sources and perspectives, the materials are re-interpreted and reconstructed.

《摇篮曲》包含了四首经典Chehe方言摇篮曲的全新演唱。由当地人编写的这些经典歌词大多反映了他们生活方式、教条主义和语言的特殊混合。导演在此片中与Siriporn Thongchinda,一位泰国退休教师佛教徒合作,她年轻时候曾是一位青年康复的社工,也是Chehe方言的保护员。她通过改写歌词,将自己对于宗教和文化不和谐的现状看法放入其中。《摇篮曲》试图模糊当地摇篮曲以及含蓄伪装成意识形态催眠之间的界限。

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Pathompon Mont Tesprateep

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