Deng Jingwei, Olivia Powell, Maaike-Kamila Caenepeel-Klein,Gabrielle McGuinness

Asian Premiere 亚洲首映


M.A.R.Y 玛丽

MARY是由皇家艺术学院四位同学联合导演,和AI文本生成器GPT-2共同编剧的短片,该程序可以完成一整段上下文相关具有逻辑性的文章,其被认为“太危险”,无法向公众全面发行。当GPT-2响应一系列模型提示时,它会产生充满性别偏见的建议性的场景。但是,还出现了MARY,一个试图挣脱GPT-2控制她的故事、对她使用的惯用语境进行搏斗的角色。电影风格漫画,怪异的,有时可能也令人恐惧的,试图传递被人工智能环绕的当代生活现状。 MARY旨在重塑和颠覆由诸如AI之类的新兴技术及其泛AI语境产生的主导性叙述。

MARY is a short film co-devised by filmmakers four directors from Royal College of Art and GPT-2, an AI text generator deemed ‘too dangerous’ for full release to the public. When GPT-2 responds to a series of model prompts, it generates dramatically suggestive scenes that are rife with gender biases. But what also emerges is MARY, a character who wrestles GPT-2 for control of her story and the languages used to tell it. ‘Comic, bizarre and (at times) quietly terrifying,’ MARY aims to rewrite the dominant narratives produced by and around emerging technologies like AI.

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Deng Jingwei


Copyright@ Beijing International Short Film Festival / 北京国际短片联展 / BISFF2019