Di Hu



首先,我们可以看到中国人造卫星城市的典型景观,其宽阔的街道,豪华的车辆和与城市氛围相违和的大型壁画。 然而,这部电影捕捉的不仅是城市的风光,还有看起来微不足道却足以承载这部电影的复杂性的巨大能量。 这座建筑物墙壁上的一排壁画是为了模仿欧洲文明的建筑风格,但是却引起了质疑其时代错置的效果,这种错置与其地理位置和城镇居民都大相径庭。

At first, we see a typical view of a satellite city in China with its large streets, luxury vehicles and murals that look anatopistic to the city’s atmosphere. However, this film captures not only the city’s sights, furthermore, there is a great power beyond reach that looks tiny but capable of completing the complexity of this film. A row of murals on the walls of this building is drawn to resemble the architecture of European civilization, but raising questions about the effects of its anachronisms that are inconsistent with the location and the townspeople.

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Di Hu

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