Zhou Zhenyu

Chinese Mainland Premiere 中国大陆首映



张赛坚的伴侣去世后,她独自一人生活在法国图卢兹市,她的家中塞满了大大小小承载记忆的物件。 为了照顾年迈的母亲,她踏上回国的旅程。
在拍摄进程中,电影人受邀跟随于她的浮游故事当中。 这是一部关于生活在异乡女性的肖像电影,同时,电影回望电影人自身的生存状态。

Soil-Flowers is a portrait film of a woman getting ready to go on a trip to China to take care of her elderly mother. She lives alone in a house in Toulouse (France) filled with tones of objects and belongings after her partner passed away. Even though the filmmaker stays behind the camera he is also an actor and spectator inside his own films. By following the woman who goes back and forth between China and France, he starts questioning about his own living coditions.

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Zhou Zhenyu


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