Jeroen Van der Stock

Chinese Mainland Premiere 中国大陆首映




Stone is a radical ‘found footage’ remake of the remake Diabolique (1996) of the original French suspense thriller Les Diaboliques (1955) and simultaneously puts the spotlights back on Sharon Stone, a forgotten film goddess and perhaps the last real film diva? The images used in Stone were heavily treated with a cocktail of chemicals straight after Van der Stock obtained them as ‘film waste’ from a Belgian film distributor some 20 years ago. Upon rediscovering the box containing this waste a while back 15 film stills, featuring whatever was left of the very entrancing Sharon Stone, were selected and carefully scanned. After filming, re-framing, editing and having an original score composed by Dutch musician Reinier van Houdt the experimental short film Stone came about.

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Jeroen Van der Stock


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