Ekkaphob Sumsiripong



这是一个关于时间的机械再生的怪诞幽默,它被覆盖在表现的阴影中:图像追逐着图像,工具追逐着另一种工具。 在影片中的再生循环通过三种媒介的对立进行操作,这三种媒介赋予三层记录的持续时间,作为在框架、框架和框架中的表达。这些追逐包含被框架限制着的模拟和数字设备的机制,它们对媒介的脆弱性质,距离及其产生的现象均造成了时间的侵蚀。这是一项实验,尝试提醒时间隧道记住现当代对光、机械设备和其有形效果的实验的传统。

This is a strange humor about mechanical reproduction of time which is shrouded in representational shadows, where images chase each other and a tool chases another tool. The reproductive cycle there is operated through the dialectic of three media which give duration to the three layers of recording as representation in the frame, in the frame and in the frame. Those chases which involve the mechanism of analog and digital devices, which are limited by the framing, have created a time corrosive of each of the fragile nature of the media, distance and the phenomenon it produces. It is an effort that reminds the time tunnel of the tradition of modern and contemporary experiments of light, device machine and its tangibility effects.

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Ekkaphob Sumsiripong

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