Julie Nguyen Van Qui

The Ghosts and the Escarlate


The Ghosts and the Escarlate的故事设定在一个羊毛工厂。画面里的声音不是工厂工人发出的,而是来自叙述着数百年前的一场商业竞争的男人的旁白。摄像机以一种局促的角度探索和浏览着工厂内的房间。观众的想象和幻想被不断挑战着,去相信和了解一个他们从未意想过的地方的存在。

The Ghosts and the Escarlate is set in a wool factory. The voice of human is not coming from the workers, but from the narration delivered through voiceover of a man telling a story of a business rivalry hundreds years ago. The camera explores and browses the rooms inside the factory from awkward angles, The imagination and fantasy of the audience are challenged to believe and understand a place they never think before.

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Julie Nguyen Van Qui

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