Akvilė Žilionytė


一个难以在一个地方久呆的男人,在过去的七年中,他搬迁了十六次,而现在他将再一次搬家。 在收拾东西时,他透过窗户观察邻居,拍摄他们,以便不会忘记他们。影片由透过窗户看见人们走动的镜头,以及隐蔽观察者的画外音组成。

A man who finds it difficult to stay in one place for too long. He has moved 16 times over the past seven years, and he is moving now. As he packs his things, he observes his neighbours through the window, filming them so that he won’t forget them. The film thus consists of footage of windows in which people are moving, with the voiceover of a hidden observer.

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Akvilė Žilionytė

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