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此片是1945年制作的一部具有文学性的抽象动画,起初是供电影点唱机播映的影片。电影以当时一首关于永恒爱的流行歌曲引出,由罗伯特兄弟和邦内尔姐妹出演两对双包胎艺术家。导演用现已消失的黄金动画设备Master Oxberry制作了一个个不同寻常的特效,带给观众强烈的临即感。

“Yours” began with a soundie, a film made for projection in a “film jukebox” in 1945. It was a popular song in its day, with its sentiment of eternal love. “Yours” is performed here by the Roberts Brothers and the Bunnell Sisters, who appear to be two sets of twins. He used a Master Oxberry, once the gold-standard of film animation cameras, now sadly verging on extinction.

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