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Steffen Goldkamp




After Two Hours, Ten Minutes Had Passed


Nach zwei Stunden waren zehn Minuten vergangen
Asian Premiere 亚洲首映

Eating, waiting, haircutting, cleaning, telephone and bedtime. The perennial daily routine of a juvenile detention center brings about a clotting of time. Bodies are transformed into vehicles, lethargically moved from workshops to single person cells, down hallways into outdoor areas, from armchair to couch. Nothing makes a difference. Breathing, walking, sitting, lying down again. Existence in a comatose state. The film observes this heterotopic cosmos, picturing a perpetual dissolution. It tells a story of bodies left behind, of an undefined longing. A longing for something different. For an outside so yonder that even the dreamers do not know any longer, if it has even ever existed as such.

吃饭,等待,理发,打扫卫生,打电话和睡觉。 少年拘留所的日常凝固了时间。身体成为物体,昏昏沉沉地往返于厂房和单身牢房之间,从走廊到室外,从扶手椅到沙发, 没有任何改变。 呼吸、散步、坐着、躺着,休克一般的存在感。导演观察着这独特的时空,描绘着一种永无尽头的精神涣散,展示了一种脱离身体的不明确的憧憬,而对少年犯来说,外部世界如此遥远,甚至做梦都无法企及。

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Steffen Goldkamp

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