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潘律 Pan Lu; Araki Yu


Republic of Korea Japan China

English,Chinese Dialect

Anachronic Chronicles: Voyages Inside / Out Asia


中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

The project is built on home videos made between the 1960s and 1990s from ordinary families around East Asia, showing the power of "anti-spectacle" of the folk images that are full of anthropological/sociological messages: the excitement/discomfort about the ability to control the making of moving images for the first time; the (self-)invitations to perform; the half-staged, voyeuristic and unconscious recording of the family. The overlapping themes and similar occasions in the videos incur boredom, the filmmakers’ playful yet insightful conversation stitches the chaotic footage together and gives new life to a nostalgic form of cinema.

该片全部由1960年代至1990年代期间东亚各地普通家庭拍摄的家庭录像构成,它试图展示充满人类学和社会学信息的民间影像的 "反景观 "的力量。家庭录像机的出现改变了东亚普通人看待自己和世界的方式:第一次对能够控制移动图像的制作感到兴奋或者不舒服;(自我)邀请的表演和自我展示;以半摆拍、窥视和无意识的方式对家庭活动的记录。录像中重叠的主题和类似的场合看似无聊, 但作者用俏皮而富有洞察力的对话将混乱的镜头拼接在一起,为一种怀旧的电影形式赋予了新的生命。

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Pan Lu



Araki Yu

荒木 悠

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