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Felipe Esparza


Peru, France


Black Lagoon


Laguna Negra
Asian Premiere 亚洲首映

A girl holds a sword in her hands. Attentive to a mystery that attracts her, but that she cannot understand, she contemplates with curious innocence the metallic blade, in which she can see its slightly distorted reflection. Her eyes run through the metal from one side to the other, not looking for explanations, exploring the unknown. The image, which is part of Laguna negra (2020), work of the young Peruvian director Felipe Esparza, condenses the formal and thematic proposal of his short film.
His work carefully observes the strength of the landscape that nests in the Andes, enters a sensitive experience where nature is presented as a sacred space that challenges our being and ausculpates the complexity of syncretism where shamans and healers invoke God in the Andean mist.
Esparza's eye is meticulous in presenting the space that the characters inhabit and walk through. His care for the sound of nature and the power of the word complement his respect for this sacred environment, where celebrations and rituals are not something exotic, but extremely close and sensitive.

女孩手持着一把剑,留意着周围吸引她的神秘事件,但却无法理解这一切。好奇又天真的她,在那金属利刃的反光中,望着自己变形的倒影陷入沉思。她的眼神从金属的一段扫到另一段,不是在寻找答案,只是在探索未知。来自于年轻秘鲁导演Felipe Esparza的短片《黑湖》中的这些画面,凝结了这部影片主题与形式上的处理手法。

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Felipe Esparza

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