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Anna Fernandez De Paco


Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UK



Chinese Mainland Premiere

Boja is living her last years of life working hard on the family farm set between the war-scarred ruins of Močioci, a ghost village in the mountains above the city of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Her brother’s patriarchal reign additionally weights on the inescapable routine of Boja’s life. To escape, Boja finds solace in the pastoral visions of nature, as she roams through the memories of days of the past.

萨拉热窝市山上的鬼村Močioci在战火下满目疮痍,Boja就在这夹在废墟之中的家庭农场里辛勤劳作,度过了她生命中最后的时光。哥哥父权制上的管制更是让Boja每天辛劳的生活雪上加霜。Boja只能在大自然的田园风光中寻找慰藉,流连于过往的记忆中以逃离当下的生活。 (Yuchen Lu)

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Anna Fernandez De Paco

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