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Whammy Alcazaren


Philippines, Singapore


Bold Eagle


Bold Eagle
中国大陆首映 Chinese Mainland Premiere

BOLD is an “alter”, a person who anonymously posts nudes and performs lascivious acts in the nether regions of the Internet. Alters want to be watched. They want to be gratified. Earning some cash in doing so is just a bonus. Trapped at home during the pandemic, Bold suffers an existential crisis of the self and finally confronts his daddy issues. Together with his talking cat and with the help of some hallucinogenic drugs, BOLD takes a deep dive into the chaos of the Internet. Seeking refuge in the strong arms of strange men, BOLD masturbates his way to true happiness. Caught in this tangle of technology and social media, he wonders to his cat about his place in the world. If he spreads his wings, can he fly?


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Whammy Alcazaren

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