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赵刚 Zhao Gang


Chinese Dialect



亚洲首映 Asia Premiere

May 12th, 2008, 8-magnitude Wenchuan massive earthquake happened in Sichuan province. In Bailu town, the Shangshu Seminary, built by French Catholic missionaries 100 years before, collapsed in the earthquake. The State Administration of Cultural Heritage planed to rebuild the Shangshu Seminary. During rebuilding, Tang Min, a Catholic parishioner of three generations in Bailu town, conflicted with his neighbor Jiang's family because of some interests, his wife and daughter were brutally killed by Jiang's family. Tang Min's faith also collapsed. Six years later, the reconstruction of the collapsed Seminary was completed, Tang Min also remarried and had a three-year-old daughter, life in Bailu town seemed to be returning to the calm it had been before the collapse.


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Zhao Gang


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