Konstantinos Stathis



一部正在拍摄的电影。角色们逃到了乡下,导演在夜晚的城市游荡,摄制组在拍摄,试图从看似有用或可运行的一切事物中组接成电影,是这样吗? 一个女人在晚间的城市徘徊,角色们开始为自己而表演,摄制组和导演正进入电影。人们穿梭在这部正在拍摄的电影的里与外,电影也与他们同行。

A film is being made. The characters of the film have escaped in the countryside. The director wanders in the city at night. The crew is filming, trying to consist the film from everything that appears to be useful or function-able, but is that so? A woman is wandering in the city at night. The characters start to act for themselves. The crew and the director are getting into the film. Crossing in and out - all these people - from that film that's being made by and with them, among other things.

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Konstantinos Stathis

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