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Gonzalo Suárez




Malinche’s Dream


El sueño de Malinche
Asian Premiere 亚洲首映

Inspired by the texts that narrate the epic that entailed the conquest of Mexico, Malinche's Dream is a poetic piece. Likewise, Pablo Auladell's drawings take on pictorial reminiscences beyond the codices and their context. The tragic influence of Mexico’s conquest and its consequences make Malinche's Dream a timeless fable. But, as in Picasso's Guernica, that does not detract from its testimonial veracity.
At least, that's the presentation. Relive the memory as if everything was happening in other dimensions. Those of a terrifying children's story. With one difference: Hernán Cortés, Moctezuma and Malinche really existed. And the bloody reality that realizes accounts for their existence surpasses what is narrated and what can be imagined.
Malinche's Dream reminds us how, in the heat of battles, a woman contributed decisively to the conquest of Mexico with a weapon of secret power: the word.
And it also presupposes a cinematographic narrative in which the cadence of pictorial images converges with musical and literary ones.

《马林切的梦》是一部源自于占领墨西哥叙事诗文字启发的诗意作品。Pablo Auladell的绘画也将其文字以及内容带领到更深一层的图像式追忆。这段导致了墨西哥被占领的悲剧性内容使得《马林切的梦》成为一场不受时间流逝影响的寓言。同时又如同毕加索的《格尔尼卡》一样,毫不减弱其历史真实性的力量。

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Gonzalo Suárez

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