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Masao Adachi 足立正生



Japanese, Arabic

Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War


Chinese Mainland Premiere

Directed by Adachi Masao and produced by Wakamatsu Koji in collaboration with the PFLP (The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and the Red Army Faction of Japan. While the subject of this documentary is the frontline of the Palestinian liberation struggle, most scenes do not depict spectacles of war, but instead show the uneventful everyday lives of guerrilla fighters training in refugee camps, overlaid with radical political propaganda and narration. Through his development of Landscape Theory and growing awareness that the landscape itself had been commodified as a spectacle through the process of urbanization, Adachi came to establish a new theory of tactical media and news reporting via film production that captures landscape as the primary domain where power functions. A theory of cinematic production as a form of political movement for alternative film distribution and screening was also proposed through the organization of the "Red Bus Screening Troop," which traveled around Japan and abroad to show the film. The aim was to go beyond the auteurist model of cinema, and to create a new producer-viewer relationship outside theater distribution.


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