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Long Miaoyuan



No Dialogue

The Boundaries



Checkpoints and borders have a long-lasting impact on physical and psychological space. For example, the opening scene of Dapeng Beach was hotspot for people to swim to Hong Kong during the Big Escape. Some entered the sea from Dapeng (east coast of Shenzhen) and shouting freedom when arrived on another beach after longtime swimming, but turn out to found that the landing spot was Shekou (west coast of Shenzhen), and captured by Chinese boarder guards. After 1997, daily communications between Shenzhen and Hong Kong seem to be more regular and convenient, but the psychological gap is growing deeper and deeper. Another example, in 2015, the Second Line checkpoints were “destroyed from the flesh”, but the unbalanced development and state of mind caused by the Second Line will last for a long time within Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.


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Long Miaoyuan


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