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Yvette Granata



No Dialogue

The Endless


International Premiere

The Endless is a speculative sensory enthnography film that roams through a visual thought pattern across both humans and artificial intelligence. It excavates the visual artifacts of interpolation - the act of neural nets filling in missing visual information with environmental data. Produced from a series of experiments with AI neural networks and gender recognition bias from 2018-2022, The Endless is a recursive loop between humans interpreting AI-generated images and vice versa. The result is a digital sensory journey through an alien culture in a phantasmagoric landscape.

《The Endless》是一部精彩的感官民族志电影,该影片在人类和人工智能的视觉思维模式中漫步,挖掘插值的人为视觉效果,即神经网络利用环境数据填补缺失的视觉信息。这是一部从2018年至2022年进行的一系列人工智能神经网络性别识别偏差实验中诞生的影片,该影片表明人类认为人工智能生成的图像之间存在递归循环,反之亦然,最终,在幻景中开启一场异域文化的数字感官之旅。(王丹宁)

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Yvette Granata

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