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Cécilia Mangini, Paolo Pisanelli



Italian, French

Two Forgotten Boxes


Due scatole dimenticate
Asian Premiere 亚洲首映

Before becoming a film critic, then a maker mainly of sharply engaged documentaries, usually in tandem with her late husband Lino Del Fra, Cécilia Mangini was a photographer. Taking pictures was something she did all her life, alongside whatever else she was working on. In 1965 Mangini and Del Fra went to war-torn Vietnam to make a film they never finished. More than half a century later, she returned to these images, moving and still, some of which she found again by accident.
But Due scatole dimenticate is much more than a return to unfinished business: Mangini takes the opportunity to look back at her life and the choices she made, how the world has changed during her near one hundred years on earth.

在成为影评人并作为电影人与去世的丈夫Lino Del Fra共同导演纪录片之前,Cécilia Mangini是一位摄影师。1965年她与丈夫前往被战火摧残的越南拍摄,但电影最后没有完成。半个世纪过去,她再度打开盒子,重温这些影像,并借此机会回顾了自己的人生,以及她经历的近百年时光中周围世界的变迁。

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