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BISFF Correspondence 通信计划|Vol.8 Nolan Kjarsgaard

BISFF Correspondence 通信计划

为了跨越种种障碍,开辟更多交流空间,我们设置了“BISFF Correspondence 通信计划”,对部分国际单元的参展作者进行系列访谈,这些访谈将在作品放映后发布在联展各个媒体平台。

A Strange Sound|奇怪的噪音

Nolan Kjarsgaard|0:01:33|2022|China|English

World Premiere


Director导演:Nolan Kjarsgaard

Interviewer&translator采访、翻译:邹梦婕Zou Mengjie

Q:What Influenced you to create this short film? What inspires you?


A:The story actually happened to me while living in China. I wanted something to represent the story in an experimental way that wasn’t just showing exactly what the narrator was saying so that the visuals would stand on their own. I was taking a photo of some oil in water to set as my wallpaper for my phone when I saw one bubble absorb another bubble. I thought it was very cool and started to film it in motion.


Q:The title of this short film is A Strange Sound, but there sounded like more than one, why did you use lots of different sounds in the film?

片名为《A Strange Sound》,但听起来却不止一处奇怪的声音,影片中使用了多种音效,您这样做的用意是什么呢?

A:The whole film revolves around the strange sound coming from the AC unit on the wall. The sound motivates the characters in the story to take action. I decided to create some additional sound effects when the bubbles interact to dramatize the film and give the bubbles some character. For example, when one of the bubbles stretches as the character is described as reaching out, I added a balloon-like stretching sound to sync with the bubble that represents the character in the story. It emphasizes the actions described in the story and builds tension. I also added some subtle ominous eery background noise to further exaggerate the tension and uncertainty as at the time in the film, the characters were not certain about the strange sound.


Q:It seems that the visual subject of this short film is the bubbles in the fluid, which look like cells in motion, is there a connection between the two, and why did you do that?


A:Oil in water allowed me to move tiny bubbles around a colourful canvas (an iPad under the glass filled with water and oil drops) according to the story. I wanted something to paint the story using materials that would represent my emotional state throughout the incident. I could freely change the background colour while stretching, adding, separating, and moving the bubbles. It gave me a lot of freedom to experiment and represent what was going on in the story.


Q:Is there any symbolic meaning to the various gradient colors, what do they represent?


A:The gradients create a contrast against the edge of the bubbles so that they have a more refined shape and are easier to see on camera. This way, the audience could identify each bubble as individualistic with characteristics. The colour pallet was chosen based on the emotional state of each scene in the story and moved according to the pace of the film.


Q:There are five time nouns in this short film:3a.m.,4:30a.m.,5minutes, 5:30a.m., 6 a.m., the elapse and unit of time are uneven. Does this break the regular time dimension, and why did you do that?


A:The time elapsed breaks the story into two parts, the time when I didn’t know what the strange sound was and then the time after. I wanted to include the time to put the audience in the character's shoes and think “Wow this took a long time and it must have been tiring”. These time stamps also create some breaks in the film almost like chapters in a storybook.


Q:It seems that what made the strange sound is the bats, is it true? And why bats?


A:The story actually happened to me with real bats and everything! Bats made it extra scary with their movements in the garbage bag in the AC unit. I still get chills when I think about putting my hand in there. Some of the bats still stayed outside next to the window for about a month. I still sleep in the same room and get worried anytime I hear a strange noise.



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