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Konstantinos Stathis

Konstantinos has studied Chemical Engineering at NTUA and Film at AUTH Film School Fine Arts Department.
During his studies he has directed four short films which were screened at several festivals in Greece and abroad. He has participated in the production of several short films, mainly as a production manager and assistant director, but also as a cinematographer and actor. He has also worked in the production of three feature films as 1st and 2nd AD and assistant editor. He has directed and produced musical videos.
Worked as a dj and radio producer.
He currently maintains a collaboration with the architectural firm TETRAGON S.A.
as a filmmaker-partner, working on the creation of videos and documentaries for scientific research projects and in the fields of innovative design and augmented reality applications.

Konstantinos曾在台湾艺术大学学习化学工程,在希腊亚里士多德大学电影学院视觉 艺术系学习电影。在他读书期间,他导演了四部短片,这些短片在希腊及其他国家的 一些电影节上展映。他参与了几部短片的制作,主要担任制作经理和助理导演,同时 兼任摄影师以及演员。他还参与了三部剧情片的制作,分别担任第一助理导演和第二助 理导演及助理剪辑。他还执导和制作过音乐短片,当过DJ和电台制作人。目前,他与建 筑公司TETRAGON S.A.保持着合作关系。作为一名电影创作者及合伙人,他致力于为 科学研究项目、创新设计以及AR应用领域创作视频和纪录片。(常瑞)

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