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CAO Dan is a senior media professional, curator and documentarian. In the early 90s, she was an artistic director in advertising. From 1998 to 2012, she lived in Paris, France to pursue a career in arts, design and documentary filmmaking.

From 2012 to 2017, she was the publisher of two prestigious magazines of international arts - LEAP magazine and The Art Newspaper China. From 2014, she took on further roles as curator and artistic consultant, planning and implementing art-related campaigns and events for both international and domestic brands. In the beginning of 2018, she founded ARTEMISIA, an organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary cooperation among arts, design, crafts and technology, promoting the connection and interaction of the artists, the public and the brands. Dan’s documentary films Les rois fondeurs (2003), My Father's Journey (2008) and Dragon Boat (2011) have been featured at multiple international and national film festivals and art exhibitions.

资深媒体人,策展人,纪录片导演。90 年代初曾任职广东省白马广告公司的创意总监。1998 年至2012 年移居法国巴黎,从事艺术、设计、纪录片。2012 年至2017 年,担任两份中国和国际艺术的权威出版物《艺术界》《艺术新闻 | 中文版》的出版人。2014 年后同时以策展人和艺术顾问身份,为国际和国内品牌策划与实施在中国的艺术活动。2018 年初创办了ARTEMISIA 机构,致力于艺术、设计、工艺美术和科技等跨学科协作,促进艺术家、公众和品牌的联系与互动。曹丹的纪录片《铸造王》《父亲的旅程》《龙船》等,曾多次参加国内外的电影节及展览。

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