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GUO Xiaodong

GUO Xiaodong


Producer / Editor / Filmmaker

制片人 / 剪辑师 / 导演

Guo Xiaodong is a film director, producer, editor and curator. He graduated with a bachelor degree from Electronic Engineering Department of Peking University and had his master degree of visual art from du R.el department of Geneva University of Art and Design. Having founded Levo Films Pte. Ltd., he participated as a producer in several Asian and international coproductions: Portrait (2011), Hills and Mountains (2017), Caro Mio Ben (My Dear Beloved, 2018), etc. As an independent film editor, he participated in several feature films, such as Knife in the Clear Water (2016), Free and Easy (2017), Lush Reeds (2018). As a curator, he organized a series of Asian film screenings and forums New Asian Scenery. As the main founder, he initialized New Asian Filmmakers Collective in Beijing.

电影导演,制片人、剪辑师、策展人。本科毕业于北京大学,硕士毕业于瑞士日内瓦美术学院“ 真实电影”专业;创办新加坡左旋电影私人有限公司,以制片人的身份参与《梧桐树》、《丘山》、《模样》、《树房子》等亚洲与国际合制电影项目;以独立剪辑师的身份参与《轻松+ 愉快》、《清水里的刀子》、《之子于归》等多部电影的后期制作;作为策展人长期策划亚洲国家电影展映和论坛活动,作为主要发起人于北京成立亚洲电影共同体“ 新亚洲影志”。

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