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Filmmaker / Screenwriter

导演 / 编剧

HUANG Ji, from Hunan Province, director and screenwriter, also an invited expert of the China Film Institute. She served as a jury member and training camp mentor at the FIRST International Film Festival, Zerlako, and other domestic and foreign film festivals. Her film The Foolish Brid (2017) won Special Mention of Generation 14plus at Berlinale in 2017, nominated for Best Film Editing at the 54th Taiwan Golden Horse Award in 2017 among others. Also, Her film Egg and Stone (2012), won the Tiger Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2012, and has been screened in nearly 30 countries.

湖南人,导演及编剧,中国电影研究院特邀专家,并担任 First 青年影展、俄罗斯镜子国际电影节等 多个国内外影展评委及训练营导师。她的影片《笨鸟》(2017)获 2017 年第 67 届柏林电影节“新生代” 竞赛单元评委会特别奖、2017年第54届台湾金马奖最佳剪辑提名奖等多个奖项。《鸡蛋和石头》(2012) 获 2012 年鹿特丹国际电影节老金虎奖,并在全球近 30 个国家进行了文化交流和放映。

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