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LI Yifan

LI Yifan


Artist / Filmmaker

艺术家 / 导演

Artist, documentary filmmaker, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 1991, now teaches at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and lives in Chongqing. He is also one of the main initiators of the art projects All Individual As the Society, Tentative Art Community, Between the 5th and 6th Ring Road in Beijing, and Youth in Foreign Provinces. Major solo exhibitions include Microscopic Narration: Archives (2008-Beijing), Illusion Resistance: Ritual of Daily Life (2016-Chongqing), and The Heretical Light (2019-Guangdong). His documentaries Before the Flood (2005) and Chronicle of Longwang: A Year in the Life of a Chinese Village (2008) have won several international awards. We were Smart premiered at the Guangdong Times Museum in December 2019.

艺术家,纪录片导演,1991年毕业于中央戏剧学院,现任教于四川美术学院,工作与生活均在重庆。同时,他也是艺术项目《一个人的社会》、《临时艺术社区》、《六环比五环多一环》、《外省青年》的主要发起人之一。主要个展有《微观叙事:档案》(2008·北京)、《抵抗幻觉:日常生活的仪式》(2016·重庆)以及 《意外的光芒》(2019·广东)。纪录片作品《淹没》(2005)《乡村档案:龙王村 2006 影像文件》(2008)获数项国际性大奖。《杀马特,我爱你》首映于2019年12月广东时代美术馆。

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