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ZHANG Xianmin

ZHANG Xianmin


Scholar / Critic / Curator

电影学者 / 评论人 / 策展人

Zhang Xianmin is is a professor professor in Beijing Film Academy, critic and curator. He juror in film festivals in Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Busan International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival and Asian Network of Documentary. In 2017, to mark the tenth anniversary of CCAA Chinese Contemporary Art Critic Award, Zhang Xianmin was awarded a special prize for his proposal“Moving Image in Public” . As a writer, He had published several books as All about DV, Invisible Images. He supervised the production of films such as Crossroads (2007), Tarlo (2015), Kaili Blues (2015), My Dear Friends (2016), From Where We've Fallen (2017), Changfeng Zhen(2020), etc.He also took on acting roles in Rainclouds Over Wushan (1996), Girls Always Happy (2018).

北京电影学院教授、评论人、策展人。曾任克莱蒙费朗短片电影节、鹿特丹国际电影节、釜山国际电影节、香港国际电影节、台北电影节、亚洲纪录片基金、等多个国际电影节评委。2017 年,其写作提案《公共影像》获CCAA 中国当代艺术评论奖“十周年特别奖”。曾出演《巫山云雨》、《柔情史》等,著有《看不见的影像》、《一个人的影像》。担任包括《街口》、《柔情史》、《何日君再来》、《长风镇》、《好友》等多部电影的艺术指导或监制。

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