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Parallel Skin 平行之肤



Parallel Skin

Parallel Skin  平行之肤单元 我们将延续在Des Art对身体观念的讨论,并尝试将一些肢体语言能承载的感性信息提炼出来。如果肢体可以作为一种言语,那么源于内在的身体同步就可以成为优美的谈吐。平行意味着默契,默许,也意味着完美的共生状态。

Parallel Skin This year, we will continue our discussion about concept of body in Des Art, try to refine sensitive information from body language. If the body becomes a kind of language, then the synchronisation of movement could become elegant conversations. Parallel signifies privity, acquiescence and perfect symbiosis.



Vado Vergara

 巴西 Brazil/2017/17min


In the midst of the daily encounters and mismatches, the construction of big real estate enterprises modifies the city architecture. Meanwhile, time engraves relentlessly its marks.



Séverine De Streyker, Maxime Feyers

 法国 France/2017/20min


France meets her son's girlfriend for the first time. She loses control...


The Bony Lady

Thiago Zanato, Adriana Barbosa

美国 巴西 墨西哥  USA Brazil Mexico/


《骷髅女》是一部关于墨西哥裔女子阿琳(Arely Vazquez)的电影,身为一名跨性别的她,同时也是纽约皇后区”死亡女神”(Santa Muerte)圣徒领导者,在一年一度的“死亡女神“骷髅女的圣徒庆祝日上,为了兑现十年前的承诺,不得不面临着众多的挑战………

La Flaca is a film about Arely Vazquez, a transgender woman and leader of the Santa Muerte (Saint Death) Cult in Queens, New York. During her yearly celebration to the Bony Lady ("La Flaca" as she likes to call her), Arely faces a lot of challenges to fulfill a promise she made ten years ago.


Forget about her

Longe QUAN, Yida LUO

 法国 France/2017/21min


Disguising as a client, a girl makes an appointment to meet her biological mother who is a sex worker, as the story unfolds, the girl's secret coming to the surface.


After Dawn

尼古拉斯·格鲁  Nicolas Graux
比利时  Belgium/2017/24min


Pawel is absolutely positive that separation has completely dampened his feelings for the young man he was in love with. But when he finds an unexpected visitor at home one rainy afternoon, it turns out it might all have been a little different.


Reality Fragment 160921

Jasmine Lin / April Lin

美国 USA/2017/14min


Reality Fragment 160921 follows two people in their process of reality-curation, as they create their own spaces against and via understandings of distance, as they go through the motions of growing themselves by growing their universes. We witness not only their movements, but also partake in the thoughts of two witnesses and how by seeing these two people, worlds are merged. In turn, we ask you, a viewer of this film and thus also a witness, to pay attention to your own movements of perception and reflect around the ways in which you build your own world. Who have you merged your world with, and what does that mean for the subjective truths you tend to?

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