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何梓源 Leomax He

Ziyuan He, who was born in Yunnan, China, received his bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Arts. Following his years of work in China, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he earned an MFA in Film Directing from CalArts. He is a FIRST Training Camp alumnus, recipient of the 2022 Sundance Institute Asian-American COLLAB Scholarship, and participant of the BAFTA Newcomers program.

何梓源,出生于中国云南省玉溪市。2018年毕业自中国传媒大学数字媒体艺术专业(影视制作方向),在中国工作数年后,于加州艺术学院获得电影导演硕士学位。入选2022年圣丹斯电影节TAAF扶持计划以及英国电影学院奖BAFTA Newcomers program。2023年入选FIRST青年电影展训练营。



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