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冉楚逊 Chuxun Ran

冉楚逊,现居法国巴黎。她的实践介于视觉艺术和电影之间,试图将电影从其叙事性的一面中解放出来,将其转化为超现实主义的拼贴画,每个观众都可以自由地定义自己的位置和感知。曾参与多个艺术驻留项目,如 La générale(法国)FID Campus - Festival International de Cinéma de Marseille(法国)、Fieldwork Marfa(美国)等。

Chuxun Ran is a Chinese visual artist whose work lies at the intersection of visual arts and cinema. Her work explores complex themes such as perception, imagination, reality, and the boundary between the social and intimate fields. Ran's approach to filmmaking is to challenge the traditional narrative structure, transforming film into a surreal collage that allows the viewer to define their own position and perception of the images, breaking free from the confinement of a story that the images would carry.Ran's works span across video, photography, performance, and installations, and aim to blur the lines between reality and fiction. She has participated in several artistic residencies, including FID Campus - Festival International de Cinéma de Marseille (FRANCE), La Générale Nord-Est (FRANCE), Fieldwork Marfa (USA), and Renaissance Foundation (Hongkong). In 2022, she graduated from Le Fresnoy, France's national contemporary arts studio.

The Elephant Vanishes


The Elephant Vanishes
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